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Gram Bikash Shohayak Shangstha, popularly known as GBSS, is a non-political, nonprofit and non-government organization (NGO). Reregistered with the Department of Social Services and NGO Affairs Bureau, it has been working for almost two decades since 1988. Started its activities with its own resources in the community of a small remote village of Nrsingdi District, GBSS is currently working in both rural and urban areas in the country, thanks to the continued support and assistance of national and international development partners. It is one of the leading organizations in the NGO sector implementing numerous programmes with greater zeal and enthusiasm following community development approach for sustainable development of the community as a whole especially of the disadvantaged, underprivileged and disabled people of the country. Side by side with all stakeholders including the Government of Bangladesh, GBSS, as a commitment, is actively participating to fight poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals as well as PRSP targets.

Our Missions


A sustainable institution of the organized groups of men and women that helps raise their voice to exercise political, social and economic right. To enable the organized groups to be independent free from external influence and to meet their moral obligating, through their own institution towards their family, society and state..


The goal of GBSS is to mobilize a vast majority of the people to be self confident, self reliance and to create awareness among them for living a decent and meaningful life in all respect and to make them productive force.


  • To take steps for institutional development
  • To support integrated groups to plan and implement programs to achieving thr goal of GBSS
  • To develop human resources
  • Initiative towards institutional development
  • Services to promotes livelihood and food security of the poor and marginalized groups
  • Ensure primary education of the children including disabled and marginalized group
  • Provide support for increasing household income through skill development
  • Improve water and sanitation status by giving priority to the women
  • Improve health and Nutritional status with special emphasis to children and women
  • Reponses in relief and rehabilitation activities during disaster
  • Initiative towards promoting rights of disabled people
  • Awareness development on different social issues
  • Work towards conservation of nature and environment.