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Empowerment of Women through Institutionalization of Gender and Human Rights (EWIGHR)

Gram Bikash is very much sensitized and supportive to the Women with Disabilities. The organization commenced different development approaches towards development and improvement the livelihood of the disabled women through reflects method and disability CIRCLE development. GBSS organized different training and meeting for improving the efficiency of the CIRCLE facilitators. Moreover, GBSS has facilitated for self reliant of the member of the CIRCLE through creating opportunities of income generating activities. GBSS facilitated to identify different need based issues as an action point under this program. During reporting year GBSS addressed some social problem like; dowry, domestic violence, divorce, legal rights of disabled women. The organization provided legal aids to the victims as well as conducted awareness program. Gram Bikash assisted for capacity building of the circle member towards establish their basic rights and protect violence against women. GBSS conducted advocacy with the local government body and other service providing agency for ensuring the legal rights of the disabled women.


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